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Cross Pen Encased in Antler

Inside, it's a reliable, retractable Cross (tm) pen, best in class. Twist the rear antler to retract or deploy. I love the way this pen writes and feels in my hand. It's nicely balanced, thought-provoking. You'll find yourself writing more often, making notes and comments on documents, sending a card or thank-you note occasionally. I take mine in my briefcase in its travel sheath. Uses standard Cross Pen (tm) refills. Each one is made by hand. We encase the barrel of the pen with a naturally shed antler from a Rocky Mountain Mule Deer, then wrap and stitch the grip in our best English bridle Leather, and present it to you in a weighted leather desk stand that will remind you of your grandfather's ink well. A well mannered desk pen, you'll keep it parked in easy reach. Each antler tells a story of its own, and you'll enjoy sharing its story with friends. Includes Pen, Leather Desk Stand, matching Leather Travel Sheath. Fabulous gift for friend, clients and associates. Pass it on.

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