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Thanks to the many customers who have taken time from their busy days to write us about their investment in one of our products. You aren't ones to "spew forth" nice things casually, and when you do it's what makes Skytop a fun and rewarding place to work. Here's a few we've received...

Jay in Prosper, Texas just received his New Pullman briefcase... "George,I received my Pullman yesterday. I appreciate it when I buy something on-line and it is exactly, or in this case better, than anticipated. You make a quality product."

Matt in Spring TX is in the oil business and has the New Pullman..."George - My Pullman just arrived. It is exquisite! I’m so very pleased with both the exceptional quality and design. Thank you for supplying such master craftsmanship."

Richard in Palmdale has both the Pullman and the Laptop Case... "These cases are wonderful. I travel all over the world and it never ceases to amaze me how many compliments I receive on my case. I now have the smaller shoulder bag which I will carry all the time and expect to hear even more comments!"

Eric's a Tech exec from Mtn View, California and currently based in Tokyo... "I just got back home from a business trip to find my Pullman waiting for me… I must say that the case is absolutely stunning; I have never seen such a beautifully made case, the quality is just amazing.. Thank you for producing this with such care and attention to detail.. It`ll be heading off to China with me on Monday fully loaded and ready for action."

From Mike about his new Skytop Telegraph... "Their products are the definition of craftsmanship. I now own three of their bags, and am very happy with each. If you understand the value of Amish furniture or a hand-made suit, then you will thoroughly enjoy a Skytop Trading bag."

From Jim about his Telegraph... "Received my new “Skytop Telegraph” last week and just want you to know I am extremely satisfied! Work of art as well as the size and function I’ve been looking for. Great job!"

From Jay on Facebook about his Pullman... " I've had my pullman for almost two years and it looks better than the day I got it. Great bag, great company , Highly recommended "

From Joseph on Facebook about his Pullman... " I've had mine for almost three and its traveled hundreds of thousands of miles with me while traveling. I use it everyday and constantly get compliments. Amazing quality, durability, and style. George's personalized service and follow up is amazing. I couldn't possibly give a stronger recommendation."

Steve in Colorado... "I have your Pullman and I love it! This is the very best brief case I have every owned . I fly a lot and you are right about the curiosity of people asking where did you get that case."

From Bill in Montana..."My Pullman arrive today....thank you. My first impressions Beautiful, Extremely Well Built, Durable, Long Lasting, Finest Product Of This Nature I Have Ever Seen, Peerless, Wow Wow Wow!"

Steve's a physician in Napa, has had his Saddle Brown Pullman a year..."George - Wanted to tell you went thru the airport in Oakland to Houston received 5 compliments on my case."

Bryan in Palo Alto - "Good Morning George, I want to say that I love the Pullman Case. It is everything that I expected plus more, the craftsmanship is superb!!

From Chris in Michigan - "We corresponded around this time last year when I ordered my Pullman case. This email is long over due but, having had the case for around a year, I have to tell you that I absolutely love it. The workmanship is amazing and I get compliments on it at least a few times a week. I could not be more pleased with it. It's the perfect combination of form and function."

From Brook in Virginia - "I first wanted to thank you and your team for the exquisitely crafted Pullman I received last week. I can't wait to use it and more importantly... hand down to my son. I have a plan to present him the case along with some pens of significance and other items when he is ready and deserving."

From Toronto's Mark (we shipped his case to his hotel in NY) - "Its 3pm ET. I wish I had this case before getting married. Its an attention magnet. The first comment from envious NYers on the way down the hotel elevator from my room this afternoon. You may wish to send me some of of your biz cards! Mark"

More from Mark - "Unbelievable case! Awesome impressive design and workmanship."

Even more - "I have dreamed about a case like this for a long time. The detail work is incredible."

From Wade in Utah - "Received the classic pullman briefcase a little over a week ago - what a beautiful piece of workmanship and materials! Look forward to decades of use and enjoyment."

From Juan in Spain - "Dear George: I just arrived to home and I find your nice briefcase, I received on Monday but still today I opened the box and I found very nice case, sincerely good quality and design I am very happy. Last month I found other gift but this new case will be for me. I have some cases as; 2/pcs of Mulberry brand Walter and Brynmore models, also Montblanc, Saddleback classic large briefcase, now a Pullman Briefcase too, I think the last one is the best, so if I will sell one model but I am sure that will be the Mulberry Walter. I´ll keep you case for all my life, congratulations for your work."

From Nigel in New Jersey - "Gracious outreach; distinctive products; superb craftsmanship; made in America; even "excellent" is an understatement."

From Greg in South Australia about his Colorado Pullman - "I received the case as expected. It is a work of art. I have had a lot of cases in my 30 year career as a surgeon but none comes close to this. It is exquisite and beyond all expectations. The leather smell is intoxicating. I think the bag will probably outlast me. My son has expressed an interest to inherit it when I’m gone and many of my colleagues have admired the case. I have pointed them all in the direction of your web site. Thank you for this wonderful product."

From Jim in Florida about his Colorado Pullman - "George, I received the briefcase today and it is truly a work of art. The workmanship is superb."

From Eric in North Carolina – “I simply love my Town & Country Pullman. It is timeless and is aging well. Thanks to George and team for making such a wonderful product.”

From Bob..."Some time ago I bought your iPad case and it is by far the best leather, design and build of any other I have seen, so I was hoping I could get..."

From Brent in Torrance, CA..."I received the Colorado Pullman. I sat when it opened it just to admire it for a while. I cannot resist leather bags. As examples, a few months ago I bought a leather carry-on at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul , another recently at the mall in Dubai-the one with the ski slope inside (have no idea where it was made), a soft leather bag in Madrid, a custom alligator belly business briefcase and a crocodile camera bag in Singapore, a couple of leather traveling bags at a port in Turkey, a soft leather bag in Thailand and some crocodile briefcases, a few bags in India, some things in Shanghai, Laos,etc., and I am always ordering something in leather off the Internet, of various sizes and purposes. So, I am not new to leather bags. Your Colorado Pullman is of the best, and it has the lovely antler handle, protective stiff body for a laptop and camera, and a unique look. I am still admiring it. It was a great buy."

Received from another James today... "Gentlemen, several years ago I purchased a custom made camera case from you. It remains a thing of beauty. At the same time I bought a case in classic black for my caseiPhone 4. It has been one of the most durable, attractive, and easy to use cases I have ever owned."

From James in Tasmania - "Hello George, The Pullman bag arrived today. Many thanks. It is a lovely piece of baggage and beautifully made. I expect to one day pass it on!"

From Marc in Florida - "I recently returned from a business trip to Florence. In a city that prides itself on Europe's exquisite leather goods your Pullman case was the envy of every luxury shop we visited. When asked where in Italy I purchased the case I was proud to proclaim IT WAS PROUDLY MADE IN COLORADO, USA"

From Sean in Providence, Rhode Island - "George, Just got home from a week on the road and lo and behold by Pullman case has arrived. LOVE IT! I don’t think I will ever love traveling but I know I will love this case. Thanks for getting it right - Sean"

From Graham in Scotland - "I took delivery of my (Pullman) briefcase this morning and I cannot say how pleased I am with it. It is beautifully crafted and gorgeous just to look at. I did not realise that there would be so many different compartments inside. I especially like the lever opening at the front."

From Jay in Massachusetts - "Its been half a year since I received my Pullman briefcase from Skytop Trading and I just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoy it every day. I travel frequently for work and this bag easily has 200,000 miles on it already and looks as good as the day I got it, if not better."

"I did so much research on bags before I purchased this one. Its so hard to judge quality from a website. Please let me attest to the amazing quality, feel and workmanship of this product. I get comments routinely on the appearance of the bag which I carry with absolute pride. It is so well thought out and carries everything I could ever need on a trip. It fits easily under the seats of the plane and the front latch makes quick access to a boarding pass or other items a breeze."

From L.J. in D.C. about his Colorado Pullman - "I received the Case. I can’t recall ever seeing such good leather work and quality of materials. It is perfect, very good looking, functional and just exactly what I was looking for. Well done. I’m delighted. Thank you, and please thank your staff. What a terrific product."

From Jim in Houston about his Colorado Pullman Case - "I just got the case and it is absolutely handsome and well made. I would match it against any English leather good!!!! I am truly thrilled and it was worth the wait!!!!! Please tell your guys that they are truly artisains.

From Sid (he travels everywhere) - "You are getting some press man" - THANKS Sid for connecting with the blogger from Conde Nast ( in the shadow of the Empire State Building. Awesome."

From Vic in Maryland... "Recieved the (Pullman) case a little bit ago...Wow what an exquisitely beautiful piece of design and craftsmanship...well done! It must be very satisfying to see your idea and dream come to fruition everyday and share it with all of those who purchase one of your products."

David in Chicago... "The Pullman just arrived. How amazing! So far it has exceeded my expectations and cannot thank enough for all your patience in working with me... First rate customer service. I cannot thank you enough!...If I can ever do anything for you or your company let me know."

From Brandon in Salt Lake... "The case got here today. Absolutely beautiful. I had a meeting in Downtown Salt Lake. I parked at Nordstrom and got stopped five times walking through. Now I know why you stamp the name of the company on the back of the case. Thanks!"

From Mike in Clearwater, Florida... "I found this absolute gem of merchant in Yachting Magazine...From the first moment I saw the photo of their Skytop Pullman briefcase, I knew it was the one for me. It's unique, high-end look drew me in... I started by ordering their leather case for the iPad with Retina Display. When the case arrived my suspicions were confirmed - this is the finest quality in a custom made case that I have ever seen."

David in Illinois coming back for a briefcase... "I got an iPad cover 2 years ago from you and love it. It is in great shape. I am an international speaker ( international HR ) and the leather is like new in spite of the 100,000+ miles. I have a 23 year old Ghurka that must have a million miles that I must retire."

Peter in Australia..."I have just received my new Pullman leather briefcase and am delighted with it. Thank you for your prompt service and the excellent quality of the items dispatched."

Linton in Australia... "My case arrived earlier this week, and I must say, what a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, I will treasure it for the rest of my life."

Michael says "I received two items from you today and they are just down right Gorgeous! True works of art! Thank you so much for making this happen!!! I know that my shipmates and colleagues will be very envious and desire them. I will be sending you many new customers. Thank you so much once again for your help and such wonderful products!!"

A Pullman Briefcase in California...

"George - WoW! This case is a magnificant work of art. To see the case in person and hold it in your hands makes all the difference. The nice pictures on your web site just don't do the case enough justice. I am very pleased with the quality and construction of the case. I think it will be the last case I'll ever have to buy. I am one very Happy Customer. Thanks for getting it to me on time."

An iPad case owner in American Samoa...

"I received my iPad case last Saturday and I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with the service, workmanship, quality and beauty, it's expensive but well worth every penny and I'm glad I waited before making my final choice.....I was looking @ other leather cases offered by a couple of your competitors, in my humble opinion they don't come close!"

On Safari in Africa...

"George, I wanted to drop you a line to complement you on your product. My wife bought me one of your camera cases (Buntline and Saddle Brown) for my birthday last year. I was thrilled with the construction and design of your case. I am a fan of leather holsters and luggage so I know top quality when I see it. Your product is at the top of the list with the finest leather craftsmen in the world.

We recently took a two week safari to South Africa and Botswana during which we spent a lot of time bouncing around in open Land Rovers. I brought my Skytop case but I was honestly a little concerned about the dust getting into my gear. I need not have worried. The cover on the case worked perfectly and my camera stayed clean. I can also say that the semi-rigid design of your camera holster was exactly what is needed to both protect my gear from the banging around in the Land Rover yet keep it readily accessible for the quick shot. Other people in the vehicle had traditional nylon cases with zippers and they struggled to constantly open/close their cases. You can tell that true outdoorsmen designed this case and for active travel, your case excelled.

As a side benefit, I received several compliments on the look of the case from the rangers, trackers and fellow travelers. It is a unique product that combines great looks with the correct functionality. To quote the great industrial designer, Dieter Rams, "Good design is as little design as possible" and that is exactly what you have done. The case does its job without a lot of extra bells & whistles that just get in the way or break.

Keep up the good work, Will."

From Matt Boyd in Hong Kong (Nikon D40)- "Just a brief thank you for creating a product I have been looking for, for well over 10 years...

My (Skytop) camera case has not left my side since it arrived in early January this year. Not only is it well crafted and nice on the eye, it is extremely practical, especially when carrying our young kids and all the associated luggage/prams that go with it! It has made grabbing my camera for those rare moments so much easier - I now have lots more great and spontaneous photos of friends and family.

You have made a great product which I will be pleased to let grow old and full of character alongside me. I already receive many comments and enquiries from friends and strangers - everyone wonders what sort of extra-special camera must be inside such a case! (Even though it's an entry level DSLR!)

Good job boys and girls. You are bringing joy to many!"

From Canadian Rick Anderson - "Excellent... Where do I start, the pictures on your site just do not fully show the absolute quality that I now have in my hands, I have alway shopped and purchased high quality products and when possible I protect the product with leather "in this case a camera". George, I know my kids already have an eye on it. I will be using this case to protect my camera, which I use for business and travel, The box of cases I have that have failed in the past I can finally say "I HAVE FOUND MY CASE". You have built a product that surpassed all. Thanks George and please pass the thank-you to your team. Well done."

From Deborah in Georgia - "Excellent! Purchased iPad case - the leather is top quality and stylish and will last for many years. The customer service is as stellar as the product. I had several questions that were answered thoroughly and quickly."

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