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I get emotional about my briefcase (shown far left with accessories in sedona brown). I like that it carries my laptop, iPad, phone, three charging cords, point & shoot camera, passport, business cards, reading glasses, three pens, car keys and still has room for work papers, Wall Street Journal, bottle of Bayer Aspirin, earbuds and other miscellaneous "stuff". I like that when I'm waiting to board a plane people ask me where I got that case. I like that it fits under the seat in front of me, I like that it only opens when I want it to, but I don't have to take it off my shoulder to get into it. I like that I can lock it with a simple lock while I nap at the airport or go to lunch. I like the no-slip shoulder strap, that wonderful handle, and the way it clips to my roller-bag when walking through the airport. I like tossing it in my car every morning on the way to work, it makes me smile. I've waited all my life for this case, and I'd like to make one for you. Each one is hand-made in USA and custom molded "semi-hard shell" using our our soft 8-ounce saddle leather with glove-soft leather lining throughout. By the way, I had my guys mold and shape the edges of the top flap of my case (shown above) so that it conforms to the underlying shape of the case. This treatment has been very popular so we do this to most of the Pullmans prior to shipment. If you would prefer your top flap to be straight let us know.


Dimensions - Exterior 16" wide x 11.5" tall x 6" deep (41 x 29 x 15 cm). Interior main compartment 15" wide x 11" tall x 4" deep (38 x 28 x 10 cm) with two removable partitions. Great for Apple's Macbook Pro 13" or 15", Macbook Air and most 13-15" HP and Dell etc.

All Pullmans include a Shoulder strap 1.5" (3.8 cm) wide and adjustable 52"-60" (132-152 cm) length with shoulder pad and matching heavy-duty swivel-snap hardware. Easy to lock with our simple padlock (see options below). Please note that we make these in small batches and sometimes there is a wait to receive one, especially near the holidays. The "in stock" status or projected ship date will be shown next to the color you select below. Except for a custom order, we do not charge your card until the item is actually ready to ship.

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Click to enlargeLEATHER FINISHES AND COLORSClick the image at left to enlarge. Saddle Brown (far left and top of this page) comes with contrast stitching and nickel hardware. 2nd from left is the Sedona with contrast stitch and nickel hardware. 3rd from left is the Town & Country (tm) finish which comes with a matching stitch and brass hardware. The very dark Espresso brown (far right)comes with matching stitch and brass hardware.

Click to enlargeLaser-Engraved Name TagOur optional Laser-Engraved Name Tag simply clips on to one of your d-rings or a shoulder strap. Please allow 4 weeks for delivery and contact us with your engraving information - we can do up to six lines of text each 26 characters long. On the reverse side we can do your company logo for an additional charge.

Click to enlargeSunglass CaseI seem to just destroy nice eyewear. There never seems to be a good place to put them "out of harm's way", so we designed this optional extra large clip-on matching color eyeglass case, capable of carrying extra-large sunglasses, like the ones I fish with. Easy to attach or detach to both the upper and lower hardware on the side gusset of your Pullman (so it won't flop around), also includes a beltloop or you can use a simple carabiner to clip it to other stuff you own. Fabulous pull-the-knob fastener keeps your shades secure. Inside dimensions 6.5" tall x 3" x 2.5", includes detachable beltloop. Select color below when ordering...

Sunglass Case SG1$185.00FINISH: 
Click to enlargeBeverage CaddyThis optional beverage caddy will carry your thermos or water container (pick one below) clipped to your Pullman and you can also wear it on your belt and go for a hike. It clips to your Pullman using the Pullman's built-in gusset hardware (attaches both top and bottom so it won't flop around) and includes a detachable belt loop. For a container select either the Klean Kanteen 27 oz Stainless Steel water bottle with Bamboo topped lid (shown) or the Thermos(tm) Stainless 16 oz. Thermos bottle (left in inset photo below) or the Thermos(tm) Stainless 16 oz. insulated container with flip-up lid dispenser (right in inset photo below). All are TSA allowed on flights as long as they're empty going through security. The Caddy is also sized to fit your typical plastic Dasani(tm), Aquafina(tm) or other 16 oz water bottles from the store. Supports containers up to 3" in diameter. Select your color and container below...

Click to enlargeAdditional Beverage Caddy ContainersOur Beverage Caddy includes one of these when ordered but you may wish to order other styles in addition depending on your day's activities (Hot, Cold, Water, Coffee, Etc.) All top names, we use them and rely on them daily. (Beverage Caddy not included) All are TSA allowed for flights as long as they are empty going through security.

Additional Beverage Caddy Containers Container$30.00SELECT: 
Click to enlargeBACKPACK STRAPSThis is a great alternative way to carry your Pullman or Laptop Case (your case comes with a shoulder strap already). These detachable lightweight backpack straps hook to the same d-rings as the handle and the bottom d-rings on the case and allow you to carry your case like a backpack. VERY COMFORTABLE! Criss-cross design causes the case to ride comfortably and "square" on your back even when only one of the two straps is in use. Made with matching leather and includes length-adjustment buckles as well as non-slip lining on under-side of the straps (specify color when ordering).

Click to enlargePadlockYour Pullman Case or Laptop Case can easily be locked with this padlock, simply by locking the two parts of the clasp together. The case can also be locked with other locks, including TSA approved locks commonly found in travel stores. Now you can take that nap at the airport.

Comes in either brass (gold) finish or nickel. Attach it to a d-ring on the side of the case when it's not busy doing its job.

Click to enlargeCARGO POCKETSJust beneath the easy-access main cover, the front cargo pocket has a simple yet elegant flap closure for rapid access to frequently used items. No tedious buckles and straps, everything is quick-access so you can grab what you need without removing the case from your shoulder.

Click to enlargeBACK SIDEThe backside of the Pullman has a passport pocket (for travel documents, phone, card wallet, etc.) and includes various d-rings and clips for attaching other Skytop System Components, like our iPad case or Laptop Case.

Click to enlargeMAIN COMPARTMENT INTERIORThe interior of the Pullman has two snap-in removable partitions on the main compartment that allow you to configure it for each trip. Shown in one of the sections is a standard Macbook Air.

Click to enlargeColorado Quality, One at a TimeOne thing that'll happen pretty quick is that folks will ask you about your case. You can be proud to tell them that it's made in a small leather shop in Colorado, in a town full of wildlife nestled against Rocky Mountain National Park. Skytop is no major player in the luggage business, and we intend to keep it that way. We want it to remain the slightly hard to find special place that made your case. Please know that it will be our distinct honor to outfit you with this fine leather case.

Click to enlargeApple Keyboard CasePulitzer prize winners have crafted works of art with this tool. The iconic Apple keyboard now has a leather case for travel. I pair it with my phone, my iPad and dock it with my laptop wherever I travel - home or office. Stop wrapping yours in a t-shirt and get a proper case for it, good grief. If you'd like we'll engrave your name, email, phone and address on the case so posterity will know who it belonged to. You'll probably never dispose of it even after technology passes it by.

Apple Keyboard Case KBRD$120.00CHOOSE FINISH (FROM LEFT): 
CUSTOMER'S COMMENTSCUSTOMER'S COMMENTSHere at Skytop we're very humbled by how frequently customers from all over the world take the time to write...

From Eric based in Tokyo..."I just got back home from a business trip to find my Pullman waiting for me I must say that the case is absolutely stunning; I have never seen such a beautifully made case, the quality is just amazing.. Thank you for producing this with such care and attention to detail.. It`ll be heading off to China with me on Monday fully loaded and ready for action."

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